duminică, 4 august 2013

Pin-up Style

 Pin-up style
Girls hair: was either long and in a pony tail with a high, rolled fringe which may incorporate some curling to one side. Alternatively, worn shorter and curled, but with the same rolled fringe. Black, white blonde, red.
Girls clothes: Full skirts/dresses or pencil skirts, pedal pushers, short shorts, tight-waisted jeans with massive turn-ups, purse belts, off the shoulder tops, pointy bras, hooped ear-rings and little handbags or duffle bags. Don't forget the liquid eyeliner and red lipstick!

I was wearing :

Skirt: Orsay
Shoes: New Look 
T-shirt: H&M
Shorts: Quaranta Cappopera
Bandana: Diana's wardrobe
Earrings: Diana's wardrobe

marți, 30 iulie 2013

Maybelline NY University Ambassador

Photo : Sebastian Moise

Make-up: Roxana Minea
Hair : Marius Vintila
Locatie:Academia L'Oreal
Dress : H&M
Model :Andrada Iliescu (Maybelline NY University of Bucharest Ambassador) 

luni, 22 iulie 2013

Black Sea

I was wearing :

Swimsuit: H&M
Shirt: New Look
Short: Terranova
T-shirt: Katex
Beach bag:H&M
Beach bag with bamboo: no name
Black bag: Oriflame
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: New Look 
Bracelet: Terranova
glasses: H&M (gold) 

BootCamp Maybelline NY

I was wearing :

Necklace: H&M

Shoes: H&M (black), New Look (white)

Animal Print

I was wearing :

Necklace: H&M
Watch: Chanel, Zone
Shoes: H&M (black), New Look (red)
Bracelet: Terero (gold), made by me (silver)
earrings: made by me
glasses: H&M (gold) , Polaroid (silver)